Saturday, January 19, 2013

Season Game Opener!

The Montreal Canadians open the long awaited NHL 48 game season against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. After a long wait, fans from both cities will be watching this one! Will you be watching or listening? If you’re not a hockey fan, this is your chance to join the trend! Not a fan of trends? Just enjoy the game for what it is, the passion, the integrity of the crowd, the roaring and the soaring, the “Boo’s” and the “Woo’s!” Tonight, whether the Canadiens take the win or the Maple Leafs, hockey is a way of life, to bring people together and just simply have an amazing time with those around us. So pick up your remote or radio, turn it on at 7 pm and get ready to be entertained tonight!

1)  To watch the game tune into CBC at 7:00 pm to watch the full game
2)  To listen to the game on your mobiles/radio

Puck drops at 7 EST. GO HABS GO! 


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