Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Upset At Home Ice

An upset on behalf of last night's game. The Montreal Canadiens just could not capitilze on their power play opportunities against the Leafs. Start up goaltender, Scrivens for Toronto made 22 saves allowing only a single goal. The Toronto defense played exceptionally well last night as they did not let the Montreal forwards produce a single goal on any of their power play opportunities. Carey Price, the Montreal goalie, made a total of 24 saves on the night. Also, allowing the first shot to go in, Carey Price quoted "It's tough to get into it when you're chasing the puck around." The Canadiens taking 2 penalties in the first six minutes of game play brought down the crowds momentum, as Toronto would take over and score the first 2 goals of the game and end off with a win at the Bell Centre.

A good game though indeed, all you Leaf fans planning celebration parties, we shall soon meet again on February 9th! Here's more of yesterday's game recap:

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