Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Night To Remember

The Montreal Canadiens faced the Toronto Maple Leafs last night at the Bell Centre. These 2 teams had opened the NHL 48 game season, where the Leafs would win by a slight 2-1 victory. The Canadiens who have lost 2 in a row looked to win against the team they lost their home opener to. On the other hand, the Leafs were coming into this game with 2 straight wins on hand.

  • First Period
    • The Canadiens started off the period by letting Kuleman outracing Andrei Markov as he passes it to Leo Komarov who wrisdt one past Price with only 59 seconds into the start of the first period. 6 minutes later,Tyler Bozak picked up the rebound in front of the net making it 2-0 Leafs heading into the second.
      • Montreal: 8 Shots On Goal
      • Toronto: 12 Shots On Goal
  • Second Period
    • As the Canadiens lost all momentum, the Leafs would capitalize. With 4 minutes gone, Phil Kessel from the side of the net passes it to James Van Riemsdyk in front of the net and scores for the Leafs. The Canadiens would spend the next 15 minutes of the period trying to score atleast one goal, they pressed and pushed but could not beat James Reimer. To take the momentum away, Phil Kessel who only has a goal this season, scores for the Leafs on the powerplay making it 4-0 heading into the third.
      • Montreal: 20 Shots On Goal
      • Toronto: 8 Shots On Goal
  • Third Period
    • With only 4 minutes into the third, McClement backhands one at net, Carey Price kicks out the rebound right to Leafs forward Holzer who was coming in on the rush, this made it 5-0 Leafs. As the Habs lost all hope, several fights would break. A total of 18 penalties were taken just in the third, 3 Canadiens players got 10 minute game misconducts. As the Canadiens taking too many penalties, they would be short handed. Dion Phaneuf would slap one past Price for his first of the season. The game would end, as the Habs get completely destroyed by the Leafs.
      • Montreal: 9 Shots On Goal
      • Toronto: 8 Shots On Goal
The Canadiens move down in the rankings, as Toronto moves ahead leading by one point. The Canadiens play the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday, the Lightning have lost 3 straight games just like the Canadiens.

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